A Fresh Attack on the SSPX (Western Catholic Reporter, Canada)
Actually Jovan if you go onto the FSSP of Alberta website you will see that they now offer mass three times a week at St Antony's now. The first mass is on Sunday at 8am, the second is on Friday at 6pm, and the third mass is on Saturday at 9am. I'm not 100% sure but the website seems to indicate that the FSSP have their own residence in Edmonton now, me and my wife have spoken of going to one with daughter in the near future.

Nevertheless I do agree with you that His Grace could do a lot more to make the extraordinary mass more available to the faithful, I am thankful at least that St John's Ukrainian Catholic Church is right down the street so that I can go fulfill my Sunday obligation there whenever I'm able. Obviously its not the same as the extraordinary mass, but still a vast  improvement over the local NO... However one small improvement since the revised NO liturgy changes is that kneeling after recitation of the Sanctus is now mandatory, although parishioners still like to hold hands during the Lords Prayer , and extraordinary male and female communion servers are still the norm  >:(

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