Dispenation for non-Catholic bridegroom to receive Holy Communion?
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(07-24-2012, 08:54 PM)St. Pius of Trent Wrote: So I was at a party Saturday evening, and our host, who is a Lutheran (his wife is Catholic) told me that when he and his wife were married in a Catholic church, the bishop gave a dispensation for him to receive the Eucharist during the wedding ceremony. Can this possibly be canonical?

My gut reaction is 'NO!' but I'm sure there's some weasel in the New Code to make it legit. However, I feel sorry for the heretic who received to his own damnation.

Jovan, how dare you speak in such condemnatory language.  This bridegroom was merely a separated brethren in whose church can be found partial truths of Our Lord, and who could very well be saved inside that community.  Besides, to say otherwise would be bad for ecumenism....
I was going to say words to the effect.
This is crazy. The few (I could count with my fingers) NO priests that are good priests, are the ones stripped from their priestly faculties for denying communion to fags and lesbians. But the pedophiles and heretical ones either just get transferred or get medals and awards.
Go figure!

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