For the record: "Lefebvrians: a decision after summer"
From Rorate:

    Lefebvrians, a decision after summer
The month in which Europe stops is about to begin - and soon after that, the Pope is supposed to be in Lebanon (yes, the great small nation surrounded by Syria and Israel) in September. According to La Stampa's vaticanist Andrea Tornielli, a decision on the relations betweeen the Society of Saint Pius X and the Holy See should come only after summer:
Fellay's response has not yet arrived. ...
    Andrea Tornielli

    Città del Vaticano

    The response of the Superior of the Society of Saint Pius X to the doctrinal preamble delivered to him on June 13 has not yet arrived in Rome. And even if it arrives in the coming weeks, it will not be examined because the Prefect of the Congregation, Gerhard Müller, leaves for his vacation, as do the vice-president and the secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei. Although the general chapter of the Lefebvrians is over, it is possible that Fellay will take some more time before sending his response. ...
[Image: muller-gutierrez.JPG]
Bishop Müller chatting while visiting friend Fr. Gutiérrez in Peru.

    Even the request for the freedom to criticize, even publicly, the "proponents of errors or novelties of Modernism, of Liberalism, of the Second Vatican Council, and of their consequences" could in the end be interpreted in a way that is less harsh than it seems. "It will all depend - it is repeated in the Vatican - on the response Bp. Fellay will send to Rome."

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