Sorry for the ALL CAPS subject line, which is against the rules (ha), but you need to read this:

We've moved to the new server. I just took the forum out of maintenance mode and it SHOULD be OK to use. The old server ITSELF was messed up, which then caused all the apparent software problems, which were database issues. Many of the effects of that corruption had to be fixed by hand. Hopefully, we got them all, but there may be a few issues leftover. If you see any post with a problem, send the EXACT URL of the problem post to me. Please, I need the ENTIRE URL, not a subject line.

Hope all is OK now!!!

IF you are having problems, try logging out and clearing out your cookies and then log back in again!

2:07 AM update:  People having Session Verification errors and other errors might be "resolving to the old IP". You can open a command prompt (click your start button and type "cmd" in the search box and press enter and type ipconfig /flushdns in the window that comes up and hit enter.  Otherwise, time will take care of the problem depending on your location in the world. Europe will resolve to the new place later than the US, etc.  Ha, of course, people having this problem won't be able to see this post -- so spread the word to them if you do see this post and know someone who's having trouble!

2:34  If you're having problems with the RSS feed showing up, try restarting your browser. Failing that, go to  and click CTRL + F5 to force-refresh the page.
Seems to be working for me.  Thumbs up!

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