"Amazon.com" owners give millions to Pro-Sodomite cause.
Perhaps I'm a bit wishy washy on this whole issue, but the way I see it, if a company pushes the homosexual agenda with their company (i.e. - Disney World and their "Gay Pride Day", or Home Depot and their blatant support of gay marriage), I will boycott them.  However, when it comes to a company like Amazon where they may filter money to pro-gay organizations but don't actively take part in promoting the lifestyle, then I believe it is OK to shop there.

I try to do the same with companies that actively and admittedly donate to Planned Parenthood and other "Pro-Choice" organizations.  Needless to say, sometimes it's hard to find places to shop.  Maybe that's why I still shop on Amazon???
Oh great.  I just bought two end tables from them.  Oh well. 

Hmm I just bought Homosexuality: A freedom too far.

From Amazon... Oh well

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