"THE Pope's private butler stole a raft of private documents from the Pontiff's own office as part of a campaign to rid the Vatican of "evil".

Paolo Gabriele, a 46-year-old father-of-three who had served Benedict XVI for almost six years, will face trial later this year, accused of "aggravated theft".

It also emerged that Claudio Sciarpelletti, a Vatican IT expert, who works within the Holy See's Secretariat of State – whose named had not been disclosed before – was charged in connection with the leaking of the documents, although he faces a lesser accusation of aiding and abetting.

The details of the decision by investigating judge Piero Antonio Bonnet were disclosed in a 35 page document which outlined the case against the duo.

According to the document, a €100,000 cheque belonging to the Pope was recovered from Mr Gabriele's apartment during the investigation, as well as a gold nugget and a 1581 Italian translation of Virgil's classic poem Aeneid by Annibale Caro, both of which were gifts to the Pontiff.

During his questioning, Mr Gabriele allegedly insisted he "meant to give back" the items, that he had also written to the Pope expressing his "sorrow" and adding that he had not received "any money or other benefits" insisting that he had acted to "keep the Holy Father informed of certain facts and events."

The document also revealed how Gabriele had told prosecutors that he had acted because he had seen "evil and corruption everywhere in the Church" and he wanted to stop it spreading adding: "I reached the point of no return. I was sure that a shock, perhaps by using the media, could be a healthy thing to bring the Church back on the right track."
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