Cardinal Dolan responds (Al Smith Dinner)
VII and the its supporters have a superior way of doing things compared to before.
  I do not know about you, but if I was to have a personal conversation with a men like the two candidates, I would do what I can to explain to them that their views are against God and that they will be held accountable unless they repent before they die.
  Dolan admits that he invited, or at least had a say in it.  It vindicates Michael Voris, amongst others, who made that point when on of the Archdiocese employees wrote on its blog that it was not up to the Archdiocese who gets invited.  I am sure that there will be a retraction on that one. 
  I guess he will try to do his promise given when he took over New York that he will be a "happy bishop".  Keep praying your rosaries for all involved.


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