Society of Pope Leo XIII Reconciling with Rome
This group has 500 priests?  That makes them almost as large as SSPX.  I have to admit I've never heard of them.
Oh and they have 73 bishops!!
They are in serious need of a web designer:
Wow, I've never heard of them either. 500 priests and 73 Bishops is a whole lot. Yep their website is poor, and hadly any info.

I think the vaticans coud do a little better too.  They must be the indie version of the sspx since they are so obscure.  This is great news for our Church!
I've never heard of this group. 500 priests and 73 bishops? Surprising that I have never heard of 'em.
73 bishops? Oh, come on! Give us a break.
These guys must be the hipster band of trad-dom. I've never heard of them.

And they must be running a sacrament factory if they have 73 bishops.
I also have never heard of them. wow!
Looks to be full of bunk.
Well, there are a few other references to them on the internet, but they seem to be an entirely Brazilian phenomenon. The bishops were likely hastily consecrated, to provide for longevity. They also seem to be a couple of generations removed from the Church, as the bishops seem to trace their lineage to Carlos Duarte Costa.

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