Society of Pope Leo XIII Reconciling with Rome
Is this the group that says Leo XIII was the last real pope?  :LOL:
Wouldn't Bishop Rifan in Brazil have heard of this group?
Probably not, salus. They kept out of the light and into the shade. They aren't exactly prone to publicising themselves. Then again....I don't know. I am familiar with them. I've never gone to a Mass offered by their priests, but I've read of them and about them.
It is indeed an interesting time.
On June 1, 2012, the then President of FIUV, Mr. Leo Darroch, sent the following bulletin to the members of the Federation.

Dear Members of the Federation,


I have been informed by the President of Una Voce Italy about something we all need to be aware of. There is a group by the name of The Roman Catholic Society of Pope Leo XIII which claims to have Catholic bishops and which claims to celebrate the 'Tridentine rite'. FIUV members in Italy have been contacted via the internet, especially on Facebook, and have been informed that in Italy they propose to celebrate Tridentine Masses for members or sympathisers of Una Voce, or to the faithful attached to the ancient rite. Their website gives a list of their 'bishops' with their various titles.

Their leader is the self-styled S. Em David C. Bell, Archbishop of London and titular bishop of St. Boniface.

Recently, he proceeded with illegal diaconal ordinations in Fiesole in Italy, as reported in a statement from the bishop of that diocese (Text in Italian).

Please be aware that the Society of Pope Leo XIII has no connection with the FIUV and I would advise members to have no contact with this Society. I will be contacting the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei to make it clear that the FIUV has no links with this Society of Pope Leo XIII.

Since then they seem to have (because they use both interchangeably) changed their name to OLD ROMAN CATHOLIC SOCIETY OF SAINT JOHN PAUL II Any recent information about them?
From their website (and as an aside, for a sect led by an Englishman, their grasp on the English language is atrocious!) it appears that they are almost Anglican. No ordination of women, but married clergy. From their claims, they were Novus Ordo before it was cool. Not a group I'd associate myself with...
This is dated August of 2012. Since that time one of their "bishops" spoke in an insulting manner regarding one of teh Catholic bishops. If they are really reconciling with rome there would need to be something more recent.

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