Pussy riot jailed: Vladimir Putin faces international outcry

What a joke!!. A sacred place was used as a place for mockery and the West outcrys!. If this were secular institute, the reverse would happen. Now is the time for traditional Catholics to pray for Russia. The government did the right thing, and it's an outcry to the secular atheistic West!.
They should have done this in a Mosque and they would be begging for jail...because they would have their heads cut off. Really...Christians need to learn from the Muzzies.

No, we don't really need to learn more from the Muslims. Islam lacks a true understanding of grace or mercy. We need to learn more from good Catholics. The Russian government is doing the right thing here--jailing them and putting them before the court. If they persist in blasphemous acts, then it would be time to consider harsher punishment.
Good for Russia!
The good thing about this: Putin doesn't give a damn what the "international community" says.
Seeing this makes me more proud than ever of my Russian heritage. Putin did the right thing.
Honestly when I first seen the video of them dancing in the cathedral I nearly puked.

That was disgusting, absolutely vile.
I don't think I could stomach the video so I won't watch it. It would make me want to throw something across the room. Perhaps this is a reaction to the return of Orthodoxy to Russia. Before the revolution Russia was basically a very religious nation, especially in the smaller towns, although anyone who has read Dostoyevsky can see that there was a breakdown in Russian culture that pre dated the Bolsheviks by a very long time. Elder Barsanuphius of Optina--one of the last of the elders of Optina monastery before the revolution had this to say about the Russian people: Faith in Christ is the breath and life of the Russian people; with the loss and weakening of this faith in the heart of the people, life itself will inevitably be cut off from them". Also, a few years ago I read in a National Geographic in a Dentist waiting room that many Russians are flocking back to Orthodoxy. Just how deep their committment is is another thing altogether but I do find it encouraging that not even a century of atheism and evolutionism forced on a nation at the barrel of a gun could kill people's longing for Christ. In the end I think secularism is just as much of a dead end as communism. Neither ideology will win in the end. Should this Fatima consecration actually happen I can imagine the Russians being a powerhouse in the revanglization of an apostate West, only they would be Eastern Catholics and not Orthodox.
I get the feeling that Putin is doing this also to deliberately annoy the leftists in the West  :LOL:
(08-17-2012, 10:14 PM)TraditionalistThomas Wrote: I get the feeling that Putin is doing this also to deliberately annoy the leftists in the West   :LOL:

False flag operation?

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