Did you know Franz Liszt was in the minor orders?
Liszt's Hungarian Coronation Mass truly was heavenly [video=youtube]meokU4LOwnY[/video]

If only  I could have seen the actual coronation mass that crowned the emperors and empresses of the Austria- Hungary.
(08-27-2012, 02:48 AM)Walty Wrote: Did he stop the sleeping around or did that continue right along with his quoting The Imitation of Christ and entering into the minor orders?

Like any person there were lapses and periods of good behavior.  The point is, even when he fell into sin, he didn't fool himself about his soul.

He put up with his daughter Cosima's antics and troubled relationship with him, and he took care of her and her husband Hans von Bulow both before and after she ran off with Wagner.

The only time he drew the line with her was when she renounced her Catholic faith and he disowned her at that. 

He had his weaknesses and failings, nobody is holding him up as a model of constant sainthood. But he was a noble spirit who didn't give up trying to save his soul.
I just pray he died in Sanctifying Grace.

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