Transalpine Redemptorists, Purgatorian Archconfraternity
I just wanted to inform any of the curious that the Transalpine Redemptorists are still running their purgatorian archconfraternity. I am perpetually enrolled, and they are still fulfilling requests, adding family members, etc. I know since they were reconciled to Rome some people thought they'd stop for one reason or another. Keep the brothers in your prayers.

Purgatorian Archconfraternity
So am I, and I enrolled all possible family members as well. Beautiful certificates as well, aren't they?
Silly question but can I use my US stamps to send to UK and how many do I put on there?
I sure wish they could use pay pal
Can anyone figure out based on the website: If you are trying to enroll a family, but would like to include grandparents, would they be individual enrolment or can I do another family enrollment for that generation? Then I end up with repeats due to the children,.....

Example- John and Mary (their parents and children.) If you set up the family enrollment to reflect the generation where Johns parents are children, John would appear twice......having already enrolled himself. Did I explain the question right? Is individual enrollment the answer to go up and down the family tree after the first family enrollment?
The only way to do grandparents is to have it be your father and mother's family. Or you can do individuals.

Only the following people are eligible for one family membership:

    - Husband’s father and mother (paternal grandparents)
    - Wife’s father and mother (maternal grandparents)
    - Husband and wife (your parents)
    - Children of this husband and wife (you and your siblings)
    - The spouses of these children (your spouse and your siblings' spouses)

Thanks, sent it yesterday :)

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