Gregorian Masses for the Dead
Where can you purchase Gregorian Masses for the dead? Both EF or NO? Does the NO still even do them?

That link is at least five years old.  It still works, but I cannot vouch for if the info is still current.  The NO address is probably good since it goes to an organization, but that priest from Clear Creek Abby?  Alive or dead?  Unknown.
The Carthusians in Vermont offer them. I don't know what their liturgy is like since it's kind of hard to get inside a charterhouse but I know they offer Gregorian Masses. I'll try to find the website....
Here's a cut and paste on Gregorian Masses from the Charterhouse in Vermont:

- Do we accept prayer requests?

Yes, we accept prayer requests sent to us by fax or by email. Prayer requests are always taken to heart but because of our life of silence & solitude, we do not normally acknowledge them.

- Do we accept stipend and Gregorian Masses?

Yes, we accept stipend and Gregorian Masses. You can simply write or email us with the intention for which you want the Mass offered.

We can send an acknowledgement or receipt to those who request one. Some people who know our life of silence and solitude don't request an acknowledgement. Whether acknowledged or not your request will be honored and taken to heart before God.

Stipend Masses can be said for any person, living or deceased, and the name of the person(s) and the intention(s) may be mentionned. The donor can simply send a check to the monastery indicating the number of Masses to be celebrated "for the intention of the donor." We follow the diocese's $10 stipend per mass but less than that (or whatever the donor can afford) is always honored and fulfilled. Our customary stipend for a Gregorian (30 masses) is currently $300. If there are more requests for stipend Masses than we can satisfy in this charterhouse, we send them to our other charterhouses in Europe unless the donor expressly indicated a contrary intention.

The proper payee for stipend and Gregorian Masses, is either "Charterhouse of the Transfiguration" or "Carthusian Foundation in America, Inc." or "Carthusian Monastery", and stipends should be mailed to the monastery's address:





The site is
Will they use the NO or the Carthusian Rite?
The site claims that they use the Carthusian Rite, however, just what that looks like or whether or not it was reformed in the wake of Vatican II is something I know nothing about. On the FAQ of the site it is said that they use Latin, Gregorian chant and the Carthusian Rite.
Yes, there are still NO Gregorian Masses.... at least in my Diocese (In South America).
It's my understanding that all religious orders adopted the NO at the express request of the pope.  Therefore, there would be no such thing as a "Carthusian Rite NO."  If it's Carthusian Rite I'd say it's the old Mass.   
They were pressured to drop their rite by 71.  It is the NO in Latin, more or less.  Me and a friend years ago got up real close to their place via some old fire roads.  It would be nice to think that there is still a priest there offering the Carthusian Rite.  If anyone learns of this, do let us know.


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