Would Americans be right to rebel against their government?
I tend to think that the Church will only be viciously persecuted in America if the Church gets really serious about being truly countercultural. This would require prelates to "tell it like it is" in no uncertain terms; for priests to preach the unadulterated Catholic faith; and for laity to do everything necessary to help themselves and their families to turn away from all that is wrong and evil in our culture. If this should happen we will set an example that will have to be dealt with. We will even bring in a lot of converts because people are starving for something true and real today. Should we continue down the path of political correctness and compromise there will be no reason for the State to persecute the Church in violent ways, for we will have already basically voluntarily watered down Catholicism so much it will not be threatening to anyone. Obama is picking this fight with the Church in America because he's not stupid, he knows he can win and you'll see, in November he will. Catholic hospitals will by and large comply with his mandate and it will be business as usual. The only way there will be a violent persecution against us is if that changes.  That being said I think we will see a trend of hatred towards religion in general but this is expected, as even the the public school system kids are brainwashed by the creation stories of atheistic scientism and taught, albeit implicitly, that "science" has disproved religion or at least made it utterly irrelevant outside the context of one's private life. Public education and the media, coupled with a weak Church, is helping to create tomorrows October Revolutionaries.


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