Generations of Faith Concert at St. Joe's [University Parish, Terre Haute, IN]!
For anyone in the central Indiana who was DYING to go to this...

Quote:Generations of Faith Concert at St. Joe's!

Tickets for the Age to Age: Generations of Faith concert are available online, at the Parish Office during regular office hours and after Masses this weekend!

Leaving labels of youth, liturgical and contemporary behind, Catholic music icons Steve Angrisano, Dan Schutte and Curtis Stephan will come together to share their music with one another and with the Church here in Terre Haute on September 13th.

Join them at 7:30 PM here at St. Joseph University Parish as they unite Christians across generations through a concert event that weaves a tapestry of sung prayer for the whole community!

[Image: AgeToAgePoster_0.jpg]

If I wanted to hear shitty Novus Ordo music, I wouldn't pay $10 to go see it....  I'd just go to a Novus Ordo Mass....  :LOL:

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