Strange question: embalming dead
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(08-26-2012, 01:04 PM)verenaerin Wrote: I am not really sure why embalming has become so standard. When my grandmother dies we did not do this, or have an autopsy.

Can you say, 'Undertakers' Lobby'? :) It's required by law in many places. For instance, in Kansas, the body must be embalmed unless the burial takes place within 24 hours of death and the body is buried in the county in which the death took place.

This would scare me to death. I want to make sure I'm good and dead when they bury me, so, embalm away!

I would think you would run out of oxygen in the casket rather quickly anyway, especially since most modern caskets are air tight.  Still, I suppose it would be a rather terrifying few minutes. 

If you weren't dead already, I think the embalming process would do it pretty quickly.  

Did you know they lock caskets, Mumbai?

I was in a flea market/ junque shop once a few years ago and found a box of casket keys.  At least, the box was labeled as such and the label was printed on the box,was part of the box, not something added or handwritten.

Keeping grave robbers out did come to mind but I think the casket has to be in a sealed concrete vault in most states and that should stop them before they got to the casket.

Obviously the government knows more about the coming Zombie Apocalypse than they are letting on.  Indeed, the locks are not to keep people outside from getting in.  They are to keep those inside from getting out.  Yep.   :tinfoilhat:

Ah, of course.  I was thinking The Dead Don't Dance.  But Zombies are another matter.

Mais there was the danse macabre.  The Dead Once Danced?

More prosaically, maybe it's just locked to keep the lid from coming off if they drop the casket.  That happened at my mother-in-law's mother's funeral, when they were taking the casket out of the hearse.  I don't know if the lid came off, it happened before our half of the family got there.  It happened in 1982 and I hadn't thought of it in years.

The funeral director was waiting to tell my mother-in-law what had happened.  He said they had taken her back to the funeral home and everything was fine.  Maybe he forgot his casket keys… More likely, he didn't want looky-loos watching him open the casket to see what had happened. 

Actually, I think he said the casket had gotten a little dent so they had taken her back to the funeral home to put her in a casket that wasn't dented.  And no doubt to make sure her hair and clothes were not in disarray or fix them if they were, as I would guess they weren't quite as they were before.  Maybe caskets should have seat belts, just in case.  A perfectly flat parking lot, the hearse backed right up to the back entrance of the church, and they managed to drop her. :eyeroll:  Not a good way to start a funeral.  Reminds me of a good story for the Pig Roast, though.


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