Cooking Beans (Legumes, &c)
Now that there is a rice thread, it is time for a complement: beans.

Besides being good for your heart, they are a very good food and with many different varieties. Time to share I guess.

I prefer lentils (cooked with brown rice), ful medammis (fava beans cooked and crushed with lime juice, onions, cumin, etc), and fava beans (cooked very well), chickpeas, and am always open to others.

I like simple dishes and generally eat a lot of one thing at a time. Beans are what I go to when I am really hungry.

I get a mix of canned and dry depending on what is most convenient and suitable.

For the sake of sanity, whether something is a "bean" or not does not matter for this thread. If it is called a bean, and thought of as a bean, it is a bean. And if it is a legume, it is a "bean" for the sake of this thread, even if it is not usually thought of as a bean.

Portuguese Bean Soup is da bomb!

I like red beans and rice

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