Cordileone arrested for DUI
I don't know about a more civilized time, but I had a friend in the seminary who spent summers driving around the bishop here in my diocese.  That was only a few years ago.
Bishop should have a driver. Even though one innocent drink is "harmless".
One is impaired. Even at a very minute scale. Moreover a 55+ year old man is not impervious to  getting drunk or tipsy.
And driving his mother around town above the legal drinking limit? Well, what a shame.

A Sydney priest got done for dui last year - he was that far over the limit cops were surprised he didn't die.
Over the limit - .08 is not drunk to everyone. You can drink 3 or 4 beers and be over the limit but thats far from drunk for some people
(08-28-2012, 08:13 AM)Edward Wrote: Over the limit - .08 is not drunk to everyone. You can drink 3 or 4 beers and be over the limit but thats far from drunk for some people

Note that this is a state law, and not a moral law. It does not mean he was objectively drunk, or that he had too much to drink. He could have had just two beers, which is nothing for a normal dinner. Really, the law is too strict. It's based on a number, not on one's true ability to drive. Some have accused DUI checkpoints and blood alcohol tests as pre-crime, since he didn't actually harm someone. I am sure I have broken the .08 many times. I am sure most casual drinkers do. I am glad the Archbishop is contrite, but I don't think the Vatican will make any deal out of this.
If he went through a checkpoint (most here have warnings and plenty of "turn around before it's too late" opportunities ), then I bet what happened to a friend of mine happened to him.  My friend went out with some guys, had a couple of drinks, hung around bullshitting at the house of one of the guys, and almost three hours later figured he'd go home.  Three hours after having three drinks and a meal, he figured he was fine to go through the checkpoint -- and they nabbed him.  .08 was his level.  He was astonished that so long after the drinks and a meal, and not feeling at all impaired, he was still showing alcohol in his system to that extent.  The judge slapped him on the wrist, telling him to go to five AA meetings, and really, the worst part was having to pay the court fees and the penalty.

My friend is by no stretch of the imagination an alcoholic, by the way. 

Poor Lion-Heart -- the wolves are gathering in all sorts of ways.  We must continue to pray for him!
(08-27-2012, 08:06 PM)ggreg Wrote:
(08-27-2012, 07:54 PM)Dellery Wrote: What sort of people party hard with Bishops?
knights, rooks and sometimes queens.

You're thinking of the old San Francisco archbishop.  :grin:

This one is banning the queens unless they dress like men.  But he'd best watch out for the rooks, too.

Although this doesn't seem to be a set up, I wonder who knew the archbishop was attending a dinner party and if the DUI checkpoint being scheduled for that location was totally unrelated to the archbishop attending a party nearby, just a coincidence that he was stopped.

I've heard that cops don't believe in coincidences. 


Mary Cordileone  (Archbishop's mom) said:
“We were invited to some friend’s house and he loved his wine and they kept filling his glass and filling his glass. And I didn’t want to seem like a bossy mother.  Awww! I should’ve told him, ‘You’re drinking too much wine.’”
Wine contains more alcohol % than beer.

That doesn't sound like a .08 to me. Regardless. I am not against the bishop having a drink(s). Few drinks, several drinks, many drinks.. driving. Whatever!

I just hope he nails the homosexual "agenda" in SF.
I don't know if he will institute the TLM in frisco. But somethin's something.

but :pray:'s for the bishop.
(08-27-2012, 07:24 PM)JayneK Wrote: I would not be surprised if this was a set up.

Not would I, Jayne. An anti-gay "marriage" Archbishop of San Francisco??

When the police set up a drunken driving checkpoint, do they stop every driver that passes through, or do they stop every. let's say 10th car??

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