Does being a fan of Erasure make me less of a trad?
hahahahah that song is amazing. OOooOOOooOPEN YOUR EEEEEYES...YOUR EYES ARE OOPeen. I really enjoy some of their songs, such as A LITTLE RESPECT. That show SCRUBS did an episode where the cast kept humming or singing the song.

Not to derail this very 80s Erasure thread, but Scrubs did an awesome job of using music in their episodes (too many great scenes to count).  "My Musical" was one of the best episodes ever.

As for Erasure, I do like some of their songs.  It's just too bad so many of those 80s English bands were homosexual.  I think a lot of the gay movement's popularity that we see today really blossomed because of 80s music/artists.
I love that video and Erasure  :blush:

Andy Bell looks almost Time Lord"ish" in the "Always" video.
What's really crazy is that its from 1994 not not the 80s!
It doesn't make you less of a trad but it does reveal your age!
generation x'er?
no doesnt make less of a trad and you have some good taste in music. These days I am listening to more internet radio because the new stuff is mostly awfull.
Well, at least the video portrays himself as somewhat straight...with a pretty gal, brushing her hair. haha. Sucks that he has HIV but keeping hanging out near a doorway and you're bound to get hit by the door.
Back in the 1980s there was a big fuss made about modern music and how corrupting it was by the SSPX and their media outlets.  There were regular articles about backward lyrics in songs and Trad parents were worried about their children listening to various rock and metal bands.

It lasted maybe three years and the went out of fashion and never got raised again.  I think they realised that the greater danger was the Tabernacle of Satan in many Trads living rooms, the TV.

Just a bit of history there for you young'uns
What did they think about SLAYER? hahahah. The lead singer, Tom Araya, is Catholic but his interviews are sort of dodgy. Talks about *his* type of Catholicism.

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