Information on the Schism of the Orthodox Church.
The conflict which has caused the separation or split is mostly doctrinal except for some minor disciplinary motives.  The double procession of the Holy Ghost (Filioque has caused more dissension from the Greeks than anything else, except for the primacy of the Pope.  The Eastern Church follows the "rule" of Orthodoxy; The Western/Latin Church from it's Catholicity (Universal).  The Greeks don't not accept the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, nor in Purgatory.  The minor disciplines falls under not so consequential matters such as priestly marriage.  They have the Seven Sacraments, but only accept the First Seven Ecumenical Councils.  Main protagonists in the Greek Church was Pothios and Michael Cerulalis, and several lesser figures  Of course the split goes even further than these, bui it would require an educate treatise to make a good case.

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(09-01-2012, 02:50 AM)Phillipus Iacobus Wrote:
(09-01-2012, 02:38 AM)Parmandur Wrote: The Catholic Church is right, but anyone who follows in the footsteps of +Lefebvre ought to be sympathetic to the state of the Orthodox.

I guess this is your new tune. Trads who are irregular are like the Orthodox.

If the shoe fits...

More I am saying that the Orthodox are like Trads who are irregular, plus 1000 years.
Symeon of Thessaloniki Wrote:One should not contradict the Latins when they say that the Bishop of Rome is the first. This primacy is not harmful to the Church. Let them only prove his faithfulness to the faith of Peter and to that of the successors of Peter. If it is so, let him enjoy all the privileges of Pontiff. Let the Bishop of Rome be successor of the orthodoxy of Sylvester and Agatho, of Leo, Liberius, Martin and Gregory, then we also will call him Apostolic and the first among the other bishops; then we also will obey him, not only as Peter, but as the Savior Himself.

This from a 15th century Greek Monk and Bishop.  It reads just like Williamson and company.

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