My dilemma
(09-07-2012, 12:46 PM)JuniorCouncilor Wrote: Twenty-six year-olds are grown men these days?  Dubito.

Yes, they are. They are not "elders", but they are men.

Of course, we could go for the eternal childhood of the state, where people are children and kept in stagnation instead of being allowed to learn and be useful.

This is a problem I see with many, the focus on years, instead of actual developmental reality.

Young people are the same as old people. Nothing fundamentally changes. Things can change. A person can gain experience, knowledge, wisdom, and virtue with time. They can. But they usually don't.

People usually end up being weaker, less capable, very habituated in their ways, versions of their younger selves. Years do not grant wisdom. People cannot use their age to strengthen their opinions, while at the same time using their age as an excuse for ignorance.


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