TLM in Vietnam?
(09-05-2012, 09:30 PM)Teresia Wrote: Yes Vietnam is Communist, but pretty relaxed. They do allow Masses, priests etc. You will have guards surrounding the Church, but that's it. Churches are open, so it's pretty relaxed.

Posted 1 September 2012 by Strict Catholic Girl:

Quote:I read this today in Our Sunday Visitor. A sad, sad thing.

Government authorities from a district in Vietnam's Central Highlands forced ethnic villagers to remove Catholic pictures and items from their chapel, and authorities replaced them with images of the late communist leader Ho Chi Minh. The Asian Church news agency UCA News reported that a Church source said government authorities from Kon Thuc hamlet, led by district security officials, visited the Catholics August 12, 2012 after Mass and asked them to remove a cross and Marian image from the chapel. On August 13, authorities dismantled the bell of the chapel after local Catholics refused to do it.

Yep, really relaxed.
Hey damooster!
So now that you are in Vietnam, have you been able to find any TLM? I'm just curious because I KNOW for a fact that there is no TLM in the whole of Vietnam. The Vietnamese clergy and hierarchy are really into inculturation and as a whole consider the Latin Mass to be archaic and Western. I don't think the SSPX have much luck over there either.  Let me know how it is over there. I have a lots of stories about the liturgical scene over there (it's not bad at all but you may have come across some curious things), but I want to know what your opinions are as an American trad.

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