In Celebration Of The One Thousandth Episode Of The Vortex
In celebration of the one thousandth episode of the Vortex, Michael Voris has released some subscription-only content for free.

Purgatory (approx 1 hr)
Develop a deep appreciation for one of the most misunderstood, maligned teachings of the Catholic Church. Far from being 'made-up' in the Middle Ages, Purgatory has been an essential element of the Faith back to the Apostolic Age. Host Michael Voris explains how it is an extension of the Mercy of Almighty God, even in the next life.

The Eucharist
(approx 1 hr)
Join Michael Voris for the first hour of a six-hour course covering all aspects of the Eucharist.

The Incarnation (approx 1/2 hr)
The Incarnation - the beginning of Man's Redemption

How Can We Know God?   (approx 1/2 hr)
In this episode, Dr. Charles Rice and Michael Voris discuss how you can know God ... through Faith and Reason.

Damian Goddard (approx 1/2 hr)
Michael Voris interviews the Canadian sportscaster, fired for defending traditional marriage on Twitter.

Confession (approx 1/4 hr)
Join the Shadow Priest as he talks about one of the most important and yet underused sacraments; confession!

Plus seven more not listed here. See the following link:


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