Implanted Birth Control Goes Missing
I wonder how they can even have a device release hormones for years without it varying, the matchstick must be loaded with a mechanical component.......who's to say that wouldn't malfunction?
Maybe the terrible things like cancer, stroke, infertility etc will make people realize their place. I just wish women weren't conditioned to be objects, that society as a whole valued blessing of childbearing. It's difficult to get that  message in a post Christian society that shoves "sex ed" vs reproductive health down throats. Why is sex ranked like it is a necessity in life? Like water, food and shelter? There is a time and a place for baby making... Get married and have fun......and enjoy the blessings!

I read somewhere that these third world countries are experiencing even more hardship with contraception because there's no one to care for the childless aged. It must be ending so many bloodlines and causing havoc on their economic and cultural system.
I ask women who are older if they wish they would have had more children and the answer is always yes. If the woman is childless they are usually unfulfilled depressed and don't understand why, maybe answering defensively about their decision....usually with a foo foo dog as a sad the scam they were sold and we are still being sold. THANK GOD I became Catholic otherwise I'd be a clueless fool with the rest of them.

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