Recent Bans

I've banned a few people for a week (and I might not be done yet). I got an email from someone who was banned, asking why. This is what I wrote:
Quote: You've been banned for a week for rudeness to many, name-calling or characterizing others in a very uncharitable manner, disrespect toward a priest, and a few other things. You take any criticism of the SSPX as "bashing." I find this unsettling and very ironic given the opposite stance you take toward criticism of Popes -- i.e., if one were to criticize a Pope, and those who get characterized as "not real trads" were to defend the Pope against that, you would talk about how it is perfectly fine to do that. But if one were to criticize the SSPX in a much more gentle manner than the Holy Father too often is -- or, in some cases, not even "criticize" the SSPX but relate their own personal experiences, even while stating that they like the SSPX in general -- you get very bent out of shape, name-call, and become very rude. I don't understand how you can't see this as bad Catholic form. It also doesn't serve the SSPX well at all; you are harming their cause.

Further, the rudeness at the forum in general (not just from you) turns people away from traditional Catholicism. I get the emails to prove it. People are being TURNED AWAY FROM TRADITION because of what they see at my forum. I've told people this over and over, have lamented aloud about it at the forum and practically begged people to cut it out, to act with charity, to show some prudence, but it doesn't stop. So I've handed out a week's worth of bans to a few people with the hope that all will come back after seven days and behave like Catholic gentlemen who are in control of their passions and tongues and who will start posting with a concern about how what they post affect people who lurk, wanting to understand what "traditional Catholicism" is about.

I want people to READ this and GET it. You may be posting for the fun of it, because you like debate, because you dislike a given poster and want to one-up him (or more likely her), because you're bored, because you are, or think you are, being passionate about a cause,  but UNDERSTAND that when you post, you are also presenting an image to the world, "selling" (or NOT "selling") ideas, inviting others -- or turning them away.

My prayer is that when you write here, you do a few things just before you hit that "Post" button:
  • [o]Ask yourself what your purpose is. Are you trying to "win"? Show off? One-up someone? To sincerely teach? If the latter is your goal, does your post do that effectively, without rancor and bitterness? Is it logical -- or are you so ate-up that you're sounding like a fool? Are you able to concede debate points from someone you dislike? Are you able to say you are simply wrong if the situation calls for it?
    [o]Ask yourself: "If I were a new Catholic, a non-trad Catholic, or a non-Catholic reading what I am about to post, what impression do I truly think this post would give about what traditional Catholics are like and about traditional Catholicism itself in terms of its fruits, the community it creates, etc.?"
    [o]Ask yourself: Would I want to have to stand before Our Lady and look her in the eye with her knowing what was in my heart as I make this post?
    [o]If you are posting about the Holy Father:  Would I talk about someone I love the way I am talking about him? Would I talk publicly about my own Father the way I speak of him? Am I giving him the benefit of the doubt, which is due to any human being? Am I attributing MOTIVE to whatever action of his I am critiquing, presuming to know his mind and heart? If the Holy Father were standing right in front of me, would I present my case in this way to him, to his face?
For real: the rudeness, name-calling, gang-banging, disrespect toward the Holy Father, accusing others of not being "real trads" because they don't think exactly like you do even though they fit the definition of the phrase that this forum uses, putting words in others' mouths that are the opposite of what the person said, exagerrating others' statements in an attempt to make them look foolish or wrong, and incessant snarking stop NOW. I will not let people use this forum to turn folks away from Tradition because they can't control themselves and can't write with prudence and charity. Most of us will lapse from time to time; we're human beings, sinners. But those who don't want to follow the rules of the forum will be banned forever. I'm done with this stuff. I want posts that break these rules reported to me, please. Thanks.


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