Copt charged with Blasphemy
A Coptic Christain has been arrested and charged with blasphemy for allegedly uploading portions of the film "Innocence of Muslims"
Alber Saber was accused by neighbors of using video clips from the controversial movie to make his own arguments against Islam. Prosecutors, who have entered blasphemy charges against Saber, say that he has mocked both Islam and Christianity in postings on the internet. 
75% of all the world religious persecutions are against Christians. Why is it that nowhere are Muslims persecuted? It would be just fair if they were for a change...
Does anyone know the penalty?

I'll remember him in my rosary today.
If I'm not mistaken - the traditional penalty is death.
I read the title too quickly and thought it said, "Coot charged with blasphemy."  I thought, "poor old guy might not know what he did." 


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