asking again...
We just lost our car and have no ability to replace it. :(
Our mortgage went up again, and we can't pay it.  We can't refinance (the mortgage itself is a post in and of itself).  DH is probably going to have to get a second job, or I'm going to have to go back to work.  Both situations make me feel close to despair. We've done the second job thing before and I almost went insane.  Too much time away, too little help. 
I'm really, really struggling with staying Catholic; I never had these problems as a non-Christian.  I feel like we trusted God to provide and He keeps stabbing us in the back.  Ever since we decided to embrace a Christian lifestyle, things keep getting worse and worse. 
Please pray that I'll stick it out.  That's about all I can aim for right now.
I'm trying to limit my internet time to almost nothing, so I probably won't be around here much, but I really need hte prayers.
[Image: prayer3.gif]We'll remember you.
[Image: prayer.gif]
Please don't despair, I know easier said than done.  I've been poor most of my life, but things always seem to work themselves out with God's help.  Now is the time you need your faith the most!  How is your daughter?  Did they get the test results back yet?  Please let us know how you're doing.  I'll say a rosary for you and your family today. 
Say prayers to St. Padre Pio.
 A novena is better. He NEVER fails. A good priest had recommended him when we were first married. We have had tight times but never gone under and our only debt is our home payments.
Thank you Saint Padre Pio.
Don't worry, Sara, I'll for you and your family too. [Image: prayer.gif]
3 Hail Mary's for you [Image: prayer.gif]
Please email me or keep letting us know how you're doing. Despair is not a fun place to be - I've been there. DH and I will pray for you and your family.

my Mother my Confidence,
Praying... [Image: prayer3.gif] 
These trials don't come from God, but they are allowed by God. It is a deep mystery and I don't pretend to understand it. I just know that God will not suffer you to be tempted above what you are able to handle.
May Our Lord and Our Lady bring you every comfort you need to pull through this difficult time.
S.A.G. ~ Kathy ~ Sanguine-choleric. Have fun...or else.

Adoramus te, Christe, et benedicimus tibi, quia per sanctam crucem tuam redemisti mundum.

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