Benedict: Take Joy in the Good of our Separated Brethren
So, what is someone supposed to glean from the Holy Father's message? 

I've never had any sense of envy or jealousy concerning Protestantism or other non-Catholics.  Even as a Novus  Ordo raised Catholic, I never felt that a rousing sermon of dubious orthodoxy was worth not being in Christ's Church. 

For most cultural Catholics, it comes down to being Catholic, nominally Catholic as a C & E or nothing, it's a small percentage that actually becomes Protestant or Orthodox.

Are we supposed to take it that the Holy Father does have experience with being envious or jealous of people outside the Church?  His penchant for reading and quoting Protestant theologians and praising them makes me suspect that he might have this problem. 

Is this another one of those non-problems like Catholics who think Christ is  ONLY locally present in the tabernacle and not present in any other place in a non-sacramental way? 

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