Benedict: Take Joy in the Good of our Separated Brethren
Rejected because the church is a blind bat. Though nevermind that-I believe that quote to be true. As well, since I don't go to a 'trad' mass-the my priests have essentially said that before several times in their homilies-and it makes total sense. I mean that God is everywhere-in us and all around us. I love that quote and I believe it and really there's not that much difference between gnostic teachings and Catholic teachings. I have read the bible several times-I also skimmed-the gnostic bible while I was at Barnes&Noble with my mom-she kind of encouraged me to go ahead-especially since I think it was after we had seen The Da Vinci Code. And Stigmata is one of my favourite films as is End of Days-but enough on that....main point is that one does not necessairly have to go to a church for Jesus. Though that hour and a half of silence/meditation is a good thing-which does wonders&in my case I also like singing with my choir

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