Benedict: Take Joy in the Good of our Separated Brethren
(10-03-2012, 10:36 PM)Walty Wrote: I can agree with that, but even if demon worship has its roots in a natural inclination, it's worth condemning and setting apart in a "sectarian" fashion.

But some (many?) here would absolutely go beserker if Pope Benedict decreed that it is alright for people in Africa to keep their traditional names of days after demon gods, and even their pagan name for Easter. I think some in our midst would line that up as another reason to condemn this "ecumenism" -- Benedict supports demon worship. And yet we have names after Germanic gods, and Easter as well. We actually have quite a few customs derived directly from our ancestors' demon worship. And the Church in that time did not see it fit to expunge them from the people. Some people's attitudes are not informed with history. Conversion entailed a reformation and transformation of beliefs, so that they did not profess or live by false doctrines, but it did not wash away all their customs, even ones some would think were inherently evil. (I mean, have your false demon gods honored by the names of days, and leaving that "blasphemy" on the lips of future generations of Catholics?!) So when some Protestant groups, like the Anglicans, come back, they're not going to be very different than before in many ways. We have to get used to the idea that Protestants, Orthodox, Jews, etc. have a patrimony that the Church will not require to be overturned in order to become Catholic. That's just my take.

I type this on the day of the demon god Thor. Yesterday was the day of Woden, and tomorrow is the day of his wife, the goddess Frigg.  :tiphat: to our pagan demonic ancestors.

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