Benedict: Take Joy in the Good of our Separated Brethren
(10-09-2012, 03:18 AM)ByrnePerfection Wrote:
(10-05-2012, 04:01 AM)TS Aquinas Wrote: Good job on that growth! The more that convert and not attend weekly Mass, refuse Confession (don't make us break out those statistics) and reject Catholic dogma (again, another detrimental statistic) will find a deeper level of Hell then they would have outside the Church. Way to go! :clap:

:LOL: WTF....really..... :/ you can't be serious-I highly don't think that just because Catholics 'miss' a few masses by accident/or simply they cannot make it to mass because of 'other complications' will find a deeper hell. >.< Or refuse confession-I don't think many refuse confession-they just only go to confession around the holidays-like once or twice a year because their is no 'law' that states you need to go to confession all the time! >.< There is no 'law' that says one has to do 'exactly' as the pope/church commands  :LOL: >.< For example, I really was sick on Sunday-and I could not go to mass so I did not go to mass and I slept the whole day to get better. I only go to confession like once or twice per year-usually once and during Lent. 'Hell my bloody arse' >.<  >:(  >:(  >:( 

1) If you have a good reason to miss Mass (i.e. you are sick) than the Church teaches that you are not obligated to attend Mass.

2) The Church requires you to go to confession once a year to fufill your Easter duty, as well as before you receive Communion when you have committed a mortal sin.  God forbid that you die with your soul in the state of mortal sin because you WILL find yourself in hell regardless of your (wrongful) interpretation of Church teaching.

3) Why do you post here? You clearly have no intention of learning about the faith since almost every single one of your posts makes a mockery of the Church and the Catholic Faith.  If you were ignorent and wanted to learn that would be different, but all I've seen is you ridiculing the faith and making excuses for your own actions.   

4) Your profile with all the pictures and the stupid quote is straight up annoying.   

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