Benedict: Take Joy in the Good of our Separated Brethren
Quote:  The data does support my theory that grace is being transferred to the African and the Asian, the "third world" people, and away from the "first world".
  I guess you have to have that theory to survive in your little world.  By the way, you forgot to mention the "grace" was also moving away from Latin America.

In the real world, the Catholic Church is crashing and burning.  South America is gone.  It's just a matter of time now for the Prots to pick off the survivors.  Brazil is a huge embarrassment, but that is everywhere down there.  Yeah, they have high birth rates in South America, and they'll baptize their children (less and less though) and register as Catholic, but that is it.  No Mass attendance.  Fornication is normal.  Contraception is everywhere.  Shacking up without marriage is now the norm.  But the big thing is Mass attendance.  Gone.  How about Mass attendance in Europe?  Gone.  USA?  Gone.  Without Mass attendance, you ain't a practicing Catholic.  Track that, and you'll see the fruit of Vat II and the New Evangelization.

Here's the choice a "Catholic" makes in South America.  He either quits going to Mass, or he goes to the Prot service because they put on a better show.  That's the real world.

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