Benedict: Take Joy in the Good of our Separated Brethren
(10-20-2012, 08:05 PM)TrentCath Wrote: What are you talking about? Have you even read what the pope has written? I fail to see why we should take joy in heretics converting others to heresy or why we should compare their efforts to missionaries converting people to the one true church of Jesus Christ. Frankly I am not even seeing what your reply has to do with what the pope has said or what I have said it just seems like a random collection of words with no rhyme or reason.

You seem fixated on this missionary thing. The Pope said take joy when a non-Catholic "does something good in Christ’s name, as long as he does it with the right intention and with respect." If its good, we rejoice. If it is evil, we don't. If one intends to draw someone from the Church, then that would not be the "right intention". But if someone is ministering in Christ's name to the homeless, for instance, without intending to draw people from Catholicism, that is praiseworthy and we should rejoice in that good.

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