Benedict: Take Joy in the Good of our Separated Brethren
Quote: I think in this particular case, he was talking about some of the good fruits Protestants bear and how some Catholics would begrudge them that or deny that they can possibly have any natural virtue or any actual grace because "they" are not "us" who have God wrapped up in a box because we are members of the Body of His Church

The problem with this sermon are many.  If we go way out on a limb, and say he is saying Catholics should be happy that Baptist Hospitals are providing discounted medical care to poor people, then yeah, that's fine.  The problem is you can't tell me what he means.  And sure enough many heretics will use this sermon to promote ecuManiacism.  His choice of words are also very poor:
Quote: and that it is possible to work together in the cause of the Kingdom of God in different ways,
  Note, not working to better the Earthly City, but the City of God.  Big problem there.
Quote:  It can also occur that in the Church herself sometimes there is a failure to value and to appreciate, in a spirit of profound communion, the good things done by various ecclesial groups.
  Is he REALLY talking about the baptist church giving out discount medical care?  This ambiguous sentence is dangerous.
Quote: We must all, however, be always able to appreciate and esteem each other, praising the Lord for the infinite “imagination” with which he works in the Church and in the world.
  Church here is undefined.  Not normally a problem, but after Vat II, a big problem.  In this day and age it is almost a necessity to say CATHOLIC Church, especially after just referencing "eccleisal groups".  What does "eccleisal" mean, by the way?
Quote: let us pray that we might know how to rejoice in every good deed and initiative, without envy and jealousy,
  What in the heck is he talking about?  Are Catholics envious and jealous of the Baptist Hospital for providing care for poor people?  So exactly what is he talking about?  If I'm a NeoCatholic, then here is how I would take it.  We shouldn't be envious and jealous of the success evangelicals are having converting Catholics.  Especially when there have been some articles out there bringing up the fact.  Bascially it is the message of someone who does not know what to do and has given up.  It's a massive rationalization.  Well the grace has moved to Africa, so the Spirit is moving these evangelicals to bring these Catholics closer to Christ.

Does the Pope explicitly say this?  Nope, agreed.  But answer me this.  How will the bulk of the neoCatholics take this sermon?  Will they take it that we should be happy some poor people are getting medical care at the Baptist Hospital (which before they were envious and jealous), or that Catholics should not be envious and jealous over the 10's of millions the evangelicals and mormons are "converting"?  So how will a NeoCat read this?


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