Benedict: Take Joy in the Good of our Separated Brethren
(10-21-2012, 07:26 PM)James02 Wrote:
Quote: But I read it as him saying.....that because Baptism belongs to the Church (and there is only One Church and it is Catholic and I'm sure that is what he, being the Pope, means by the word), there is at least some level of "communion" with Protestants; and that spiritual jealousy is to be avoided.

It would be nice if he had talked about Baptism.  But he didn't.

"Profound communion" with "eccleisal groups"?  Note "groups", not individuals.  Again, this is pretty bad.

And how can we "work together" with regards to the Kingdom of God with these "eccleisal groups"?  Note, he has made the distinction.  Not building a better earth, help for the poor, but the Kingdom of God.  That is not possible with groups whose sole purpose (though not consciously due to their ignorance) is the destruction of the Kingdom of God.

Is what he writes heresy?  No.  It is ambiguous.  Will it be easily twisted to further ecuManiacism.  Yes, no doubt.  And that is the problem.

He didn't have to mention Baptism by name to refer to it. He was obviously referring to something, and that can only be Baptism and certain doctrines that all Christians believe. There would be "communion" with groups to the degree that they offer valid Baptisms and share certain doctrines. Catholics and Protestants have worked together for all sorts of purposes -- such as opposing abortion. And the "sole purpose" of Protestant groups isn't, even pre-consciously, "the destruction of the Kingdom of God." I don't see anything ambiguous in the text. And being a Catholic born in the 20th c., I'm very familiar with ambiguity. There's just no reason to to see it were it isn't and to promiscuously accuse Popes of it when they're speaking in plain language.

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