Benedict: Take Joy in the Good of our Separated Brethren
(10-22-2012, 10:46 AM)Walty Wrote:
(10-22-2012, 12:17 AM)Vox Clamantis Wrote:
(10-21-2012, 08:57 PM)CollegeCatholic Wrote: If being a Catholic means being a naive little child who has no use for his brain and reasoning skills and is to ignore clearly scandalous writings and speeches by the Vicar of Christ in a time of Crisis and just assume "he means authentic Catholic teaching" while actually only muddling up the waters, well.... I don't know what to think then.

That doesn't jive with me having reason. 

Why bother thinking if all I have to do is assume his intentions are good?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions and the skulls of bishops.

That isn't what's being said. What was said is that Pope Benedict didn't say anything scandalous in that address, not "well, that's scandalous or ambiguous so let's turn our brains off and ignore it." There's just nothing wrong with what he said. I imagine that's disappointing for many, but, well, there it is.

I think the question here is this (and I mean this with sincerity): If we disagree with you and think that there is indeed something wrong with what he said, are we free to criticize it and to disagree with you?  I ask because, while it's obvious that you have never moderated on a "everyone has to agree with me" level, you'd be well within your right to demand a certain amount of adherence to what you see as the truth and to want to end discussion which you think is only leading to error.  I know that if I ran a forum, I would feel the exact same way.

I ask this because it often seems that, at least recently, you've moderated threads more on theological grounds as well as on grounds of decorum (being prudent, arguing politely, using charity, etc.)  I feel that threads arguing in favor of the idea that any particular speech or writing of Pope Benedict is erroneous or open to scandal are increasingly finding more response from you.  It is hard to distinguish between your personal opinion as a poster and your wish for the forum as owner and moderator.

To what extent are we free to criticize something associated with Rome, the Curia, the College, Pope Benedict, etc. if we do it in a way which is mature (not falling into silly name calling and whatnot) and substantive? 

As you know, I've had a hard time figuring out how/if I currently fit on FE.  I respect you deeply as moderator and owner and do not think that pushing the rules is useful to any of us, however, I also don't see posting here as prudent if my views are beyond the pale of the forum.

You're not the only one who's been thinking like that, the issue is that even if a MOD has no intention of doing so their getting involved in theological discussions except for issues of rudeness, sedevecantism etc.... tends to make others concerned that they risk some sort of sanction if they disagree with the opinion they express. I would appreciate some clarity on the issue.

it has to be said Vox that even though you've repeated it many times, It is not at all clear to many on this thread that actually the popes words are perfectly fine and I haven't actually seen an argument that they are, I've just been told that if a Catholic goes and reads the catechism and studies church teaching they will realise this, but people have done that and they completely disagree with the conclusion you have come to.

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