Benedict: Take Joy in the Good of our Separated Brethren
(10-22-2012, 12:01 PM)newyorkcatholic Wrote:
(10-22-2012, 11:11 AM)Walty Wrote: ... it is NEVER easy to find fault in the Holy Father or any of his cardinals.  It always hurts.  It always makes us lament for the Church.

I believe this is true of you, and of many.

But there are definitely those who show a sort of glee in finding fault with the Holy Father. Why would they do so? Perhaps they don't really believe he is the Pope? But even many who don't believe so don't show joy in finding fault.

Maybe it's because it further justifies them in their own positions?

I don't know. But if this were always the attitude, if it really pained us in every instance to see fault but sometimes we had to consider the fault for the sake of truth, that would be a great improvement in the tone (in traddom in general, not just in this forum).

Anyway, that is an aside.

I agree, but this goes both ways. You are much more likely to meet someone who says "that must be right, no matter what, because the pope said it" than the opposite and frankly if people doubt what modern popes say when it sounds dodgy who can blame them? 50 years of watering down and contradicting catholic teaching, the sex scandal etc... have undermined peoples confidence

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