Benedict: Take Joy in the Good of our Separated Brethren
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(10-22-2012, 12:33 PM)newyorkcatholic Wrote: Censures were not given that way. If someone who wasn't the pope wrote this 80 years ago, they would be asked about it and be able to clarify it before being censured. If censures were actually automatically given for ambiguity, we would all be in trouble!  The Pope is not putting forth a formal proposition. It was an Angelus address.

Uh actually I am pretty sure that censures were given exactly like that, they might well clarify it, but their original statement would still be censurable.

An Angelus address is essentially like a homily. Homilies were censured for ambiguity?

I would hope so!

Certainly a bishop wouldn't let a priest get away with that sort of scandalous ambiguity in the past, and in the case of a pope it is much worse.

That said, this is supposing you are right, you are not, so the issue of the pope making a statement that is contrary to catholic teaching remains.

I would guess that homilies and talks were full of all sorts of ambiguity. It requires a specific context (a written work that is edited and reviewed prior to publication) to avoid ambiguity.

Let any of the older folks answer this: in the old days, did you ever hear a priest say something others considered ambiguous? Did it bring down a censure from Rome?

Oh please, as if the pope just makes up his readings on the spot  :eyeroll:

As for the rest who mentioned censures from Rome? Not me, so don't put words in my mouth.

Besides its beyond absurd to compare a popes angelus address with a priests homily, the former is far more important, its not comparing like with like.

The simple fact is good theologians don't make scandalously ambiguous statements and they certainly don't make statements that are actually contrary to catholic teaching. Perhaps a theologian can make a mistake once or twice, but if that's all they do or it happens many times, its unreasonable to claim they are actually orthodox and yes Pope Benedict XVI and before he was pope cardinal ratzinger have made these sort of statements over and over and over again and never retracted them.

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