Benedict: Take Joy in the Good of our Separated Brethren
The problem is the selective memory here. We've discussed much of this before with the same interlocutors. The Church as communion teaching is relatively new conceptually, as was the Trinity, transubstantiation, the immaculate Conception, and any other conceptual novelty which the Church worked out in time to our benefit in the past. In the short it is draws its roots from Johann Möhler. In the years preceding Vatican II is was discussed quite widely. There were debates about the "negative notes/marks" of the non-Catholic Christians. Looking at that history, Vatican II fits neat and clean into it, but as with their other problematic statements put emphasis on what unites us to other Christians. Any concession in their direction is verboten in these people's minds.

The problem here I find is not debating church communion, but the total tangent it is. People can't deal with the fact that the original address was short, simple, and orthodox. This has been decisively proven here, just go back and read the numerous posts, but some people just can't say "I'll take that to heart," and let it lie.

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