Benedict: Take Joy in the Good of our Separated Brethren

On 1, the fact is Christians are divided. These theologians are attempting to understand the Church as united and holy while still being divided and unholy. Also there is a desire to go away from a juridical view of the Church, and emphasize rather it as a communion of love between members, and between members and Christ. The juridical view of in/out, like I said in other cases, provides little of the "middle story" for these people. We have sacraments outside the visible bounds of the Church. The theological development isn't settled, so there is much to explore, and even the proponents of communion ecclesiology disagree in aspects. The biggest trend, though, was away from a juridical view of the Church.

On 2, ecumenism has changed because the Church has loosened conditions to foster more openness. Catholics participated before, but it was "unofficial". Ecumenism is distinct because it is preparation of the field, a distinct action before planting and harvesting. It is making conditions more favorable to accepting the fullness of the Faith. Not all endeavors to other Christians involves this step. The later process of educating them and reconciling them is a planting and harvesting, which is still just as valid. I think the added step of dialog was to make the field a peaceful one, that men could operate in the field of evangelization without resorting to violence, polemic, calumny, and other unfortunate traits of division.

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