Benedict: Take Joy in the Good of our Separated Brethren
The juridical view of the Church is settled Catholic doctrine.  Read encyclicals, theology manuals (all of them) and catechisms which predate Vatican II.  Any contradiction with settled doctrine is, in the very least, theologically erroneous.

Non-Catholics' use of the sacraments is illicit and work only in spite of their separation.

"Priests who are separated from the Church, although they validly sacrifice in the name of Christ, nevertheless do not offer the sacrifice as ministers of the Church and in the person of the Church itself.  For the priest is commissioned by the Church to pray to intercede, and to offer in its name, and in regard to this, the Church can take away from a separated priest the ability to sacrifice in its name" (Fr. Felix Cappello, Tractatus Canonico-moralis de Sacramentis, I, p. 462, 1962 ed.).

See St. Cyprian, St. Jerome, Pope St. Leo the Great, St. Thomas Aquinas and Pope Pius IX for similar statements concerning the celebration of the sacraments, particularly of the Holy Eucharist, outside the Catholic Church (e.g., "he who eats the lamb outside of [communion with Rome] has no part with God;" "they act wrongly and sin, and do not receive the fruit of the sacrifice").  Furthermore, the Council of Florence, Popes Leo XIII, St. Pius X and Pius XII all teach that the sacraments ("means of salvation") can be enjoyed only in the Catholic Church.

I'll have to find and quote Romano Amerio on dialogue, as it's quite poignant.

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