Benedict: Take Joy in the Good of our Separated Brethren
Regarding love, Pope Pius IX instructs: "God forbid that the children of the Catholic Church should even in any way be unfriendly to those who are not at all united to us by the same bonds of faith and love.  On the contrary, let them be eager always to attend to their needs with all the kind services of Christian charity, whether they are poor or sick or suffering any other kind of visitation.  First of all, let them rescue them from the darkness of the errors into which they have unhappily fallen and strive to guide them back to Catholic truth and to their most loving Mother who is ever holding out her maternal arms to receive them lovingly back into her fold.  Thus, firmly founded in faith, hope, and charity and fruitful in every good work, they will gain eternal salvation" (Quanto Conficiamur Moerore, n. 9).

And regarding conformity, Sacred Scripture teaches that there is, "One Lord, one faith, one baptism" (Eph. 4:5).

Was Pope Leo XIII prideful when he wrote, "It is not for any human motive, but impelled by Divine Charity and a desire for the salvation of all, that We advise the reconciliation and union with the Church of Rome; and We mean a perfect and complete union, such as could not subsist in any way if nothing else was brought about but a certain kind of agreement in the Tenets of Belief and an intercourse of Fraternal love.  The True Union between Christians is that which Jesus Christ, the Author of the Church, instituted and desired, and which consists in a Unity of Faith and Unity of Government" (Praeclara Gratulationis Publicae, par. 15)?

Were the Fathers of Vatican I prideful when they defined the juridical primacy and infallibility of the successors of St. Peter?  The truth is that the Photians are wrong (doctrinally speaking); they've been given chances in the past to reunite with Rome.  Let us pray that they one day hear the Lord's call to return to His fold.

It simply baffles me that Catholic theology can so radically change in such a short period of time (several decades), that our hierarchs contradict themselves in explaining the changes (e.g., "subsistit in"), do not seriously attempt to reconcile the new teachings with the old ones, and that we're expected to go along with everything out of a sense of obedience, especially because we don't quite know what we're being obedient to (truth or error).  It's not like with the dogma of the Holy Trinity, which can never be fully comprehended; instead, what we're concerned with is the nature and constitution of the Church, on which there already exists a clear body of teaching (but Ratzinger insisted that it had to be "corrected").  The Church's prelates have done nothing if not obscured it.

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