Benedict: Take Joy in the Good of our Separated Brethren
(10-23-2012, 04:19 PM)Scriptorium Wrote:
(10-23-2012, 04:11 PM)SouthpawLink Wrote: What Pope Pius XII wrote on the action of the Holy Spirit in the Church was wonderful.  But it does not allow for a "profound or imperfect communion" between the Church and the sects.  There is no visible bond (unity of faith and of government), nor are there "invisible, intangible bonds" (MCC, 14), the latter of which the Church teaches exists between the Churches (cf. CDF, documents from 1992, 2000 and 2007).  Do you see the contradiction here?

Visible bond: Trinity, Jesus as Savior, Resurrection, Sacrament of Baptism and Marriage (at least; Orthodox all seven), Bible (Orthodox all the same books), many of the same aspects in our rites, etc. etc. They are not definitely the same as Buddhists.

Invisible bond: Baptism!?!?!? Baptism is never wiped out! That's profound enough if you believe in God.

You're arguing against Satis Cognitum (and against Mortalium Animos).  Those who deviate in the least degree from Catholic doctrine are held to be outside of Catholic communion.  The dogma of the Immaculate Conception must be held with the same faith as is held for the dogma of the Most Holy Trinity.

Unless I'm mistaken, the Eastern Orthodox hold a false opinion concerning Original Sin.  I'll do some checking and come back to this point.

"Such is the nature of Catholicism that it does not admit of more or less, but must be held as a whole or as a whole rejected" (Pope Benedict XV, Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum, n. 24).

Baptism is but one requirement -- albeit a most necessary one -- for membership in Christ's Holy Catholic Church.  Without divine Catholic faith no one at all can be saved.

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