Instant mashed potatoes
I see some people get potatoes in powder form. This is very strange, as we have always eaten potatoes by buying potatoes. Now, I hope this practice is just a heathen thing from people who do not know better, but are there are any Catholics who engage in such unnatural potato preparation methods?

I once looked at a box someone used, and I found that the cost and preparation of them offered no advantage over buying a sack of potatoes. There must be some sort of philosophical reason for using them.
As a general rule, no.  My wife uses them when she makes Shepherd Pie, but that's about it unless we're really, really behind schedule for dinner and need a quick fix.  My mashed potatoes are always perfect, so there's no reason to use the faux kind.
I sometimes use them, but it has been a very long time.... like around Thanksgiving or so of last year. My family has a brand new sack of potatoes to boot.
They make a great binder in salmon or crab cakes. If you keep the instant potatoes dry they would keep far longer than regular ones. Almost indefinitely.
Try the brand Idahoan, if you eat 'em they're the best.

We always keep Instant Potatoes on hand!  Now don't get me wrong, we regularly keep actual potatoes and prefer them real and fresh. The instant ones however are an important staple in the pantry.

They last forever. If in some sort of rush they can be prepared in no time flat. They are great for thickening stews and things. It is nice to have these types of things stashed away for our financially lean times between grocery shopping trips.

It's like keeping canned fruit or soup.  Fresh is always better, but it's nice to have a back up plan.
I used them briefly when we brought the kids home and I didn't know what they would like to eat (the answer turned out to be EVERYTHING - and as much as a full grown adult would).  I wanted something simple to fall back on if I needed it.  Since it ended up being silly and I could serve them normal adult food without so much as a fuss, I stopped buying them.  I've always been able to taste the instand mash and know it for what it is.  This takes the "ease" out of using them - at least for me.
I was addicted to them when I couldn't eat solids.
Absolutely not.

And I would be ashamed to admit it if I did.

Absolutely not.
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You can make potato soup very quick with them, if you have a leek, and if served cold it's French. I hear if you eat a bowl of the French kind the Louis will return sooner.


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