Instant mashed potatoes
(10-10-2012, 11:07 AM)Joamy Wrote: We need a potato head emoticon.

[Image: 201010130336SXV.gif]
(10-09-2012, 12:16 AM)piabee Wrote:
(10-08-2012, 09:36 PM)Dust Wrote: Maybe I saw them once but they were way overpriced or something.  I don't eat them often, but when I do I always end up with a bunch left over that end up sprouting before I can eat them...
You probably get the best price on the large bags, but if you have to throw them out you're losing money.
Very true, but I generally get them for a pot of stew or something like that, where I need half a bag... 

Speaking of which, it is almost that time of year when stew seems like a reasonable thing to make.  :grin:

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