Vatican to Take Action
The Congreggation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) is preparing to take action to curb abuses at regularly scheduled masses in London's Soho section, according to a German magazine.
Katholisches reports that the special Eucharistic celebrations at Our Lady of the Assumption, which take place twice a month, have drawn critical attention of Archbishop Gerhard Muller, the new prefect of the CDF. The liturgies - which are heavily advertized among homosexual groups, involve prominant display of symbols such as the rainbow banner - which have drawn criticism from conservative Catholics.
Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster has insisted that the Masses "are not occasions for confusion or opposition concerning the postitve teaching of the Church on the meaning of human sexuality or the moral imperatives that flow from that teaching." The CDF is now questioning that claim, the german magazine claims.
I'm skeptical. I wonder if they will actually take any action. "Collegiality" and all that.
This church holds "Blessings" for "Civil partnerships" you know. Also they say that St Sergius and St Bacchus were homosexual, along with St Felicity and St Perpetua.

Here's their homepage
(10-11-2012, 09:03 AM)TraditionalistThomas Wrote: I'm skeptical. I wonder if they will actually take any action. "Collegiality" and all that.
What that means is that if the CDF takes action on this particular case, then the other archdioceses which host similar events will have to follow suit. 

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