The ghetto clearings
I know there are great books on this subject and maybe some of them are online too.  But I don't have the means to read an online book at the moment, or order one.  I'd like to understand this topic, though.  I'd be grateful to anyone who'd be kind enough to enlighten me here.  I know it's a painful subject.

If it's already been fully dealt with in other threads, I wonder if someone would kindly direct me to those.  Thank you.

You may find this interesting. It is a talk by E. Michael Jones on his book The Slaughter of the Cities: Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing. It includes a brief question and answer section.

I highly recommend the book. It only costs $40 at Amazon. And you may actually be able to find this one in your library or your local extended library network.

I had spent a lot of time putting this together from a youtube user that is clearly Catholic, and it was a complete mess. It also has some music given in weird parts that messes with the flow. Either way, I found it available at another other channel that gave the speech in its entirety with a much better flow. Five videos vs nine, no music, just the speech. Unfortunately, this youtube user seems to be on the fringe in the white movement. Let me state for the record that I do not share in the views of some of the other videos titles I have seen at his channel, nor would Dr. Jones. Even a broken watch is correct two times a day. Just wanted to give that heads-up if you happen to mosey on over to his or her channel.

Either way, here is the talk in its' entirety.

Yes, E. Michael Jones's book was eye-opening!
I never read his book, but I've watched these clips from the other source. He lays it out ver well. I wasn't from Philly but it was the same here with some names changed. I'll watch again tonight.

It happened to my mom and she grew up in Queens, NY. I think another poster had the same experience who came from Brooklyn. Essentially, it happened to most big cities.

I just uploaded this video to youtube. You might find this easier to understand and I would suggest listening to it before watching the other video I have posted in multiple parts.

[Image: 987581.gif]

This is a good book on the rise of automobiles and highways. It will not be specific about the faith if that is what you are looking for, but does take a balance look at both pros and cons. It is more technical regarding transportation and urban planning.
My brother-in-law's neighborhood was part of the expressway plan. About three square blocks are left. They are under the south end of the Loop interchange.
Most all of it is gone and those few blocks are a diminished leftover, and it's what is left of the land that time forgot. It's changing with the times, but for awhile it was a reminder. 

Tim, not sure if this was an issue in your neck of the woods...

There was also mass fraud going on with the banks and real estate. In my mother's area, the banks started buying homes and flying in Haitians to buy the homes. They couldn't afford them, a fact counted on by the banks, they would get kicked out,and the process would start over. It's called block busting.

This is now illegal. The guys who organized this were put in jail.
Adam, thank you for taking the trouble to post the videos, especially the most recent one which is indeed a good introduction. 

Is this mostly an American phenomenon or did it happen in other countries too?

Glasgow has a kind of a Catholic ghetto, or it did years ago.  To my knowledge, Easterhouse has a population of about 100,000, and is mostly Catholic.  A late friend of mine had an aunt who lived there, and from her description, it's just like a Catholic ghetto from the good old days.  Maybe City Smurf or someone else will elaborate.

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