The Bad Economy: From God's Point of View
I just finished putting up the short Catholic homily this week from the 1800s on my site on the Value of Time

The priest said something very intesting that got me thinking about the economy
"Some part of it (time) indeed we are generally obliged to employ, and fortunate we are that it is so, in some occupation of profit to ourselves or to others. Yes, fortunate ; for that man must earn his bread by the toil of, his body or mind, is hardly after the fall a curse, but rather a blessing. Place fallen human nature in the paradise of our first parents, and its final loss could hardly be averted. "

With the economy causing some Elderly continuing to work instead of retiring, making existing employees work longer and harder because of a fear of hiring new people, and as a general rule of thumb less income perhaps these new hardships will cause some type of return to virtue.

Without labor how much does the chance of losing our souls must increase. Do you think that God is removing the occasion of sin to some degree by making the economy tougher?
Absolutely.  A bad economy is in many ways a blessing.

I thank God that I'm not in a position where I have to worry much about it.  In any case, it horrifies me that so many people just vote on the economy.  I could wish that the common people were entirely ignorant of the concept.  It's a boogie man.  Would that they would vote on what is really important to them...  Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.
It's certainly an opportunity for holiness.

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