Pictures abound in this article on giant chant books, lecterns, and pulpits
(10-17-2012, 03:04 PM)DoktorDespot Wrote: Thanks for the article, it is very interesting.I am wondering though, since you said that before the Liber Usualis chanters had to flip through multiple books, how did this work with the giant chant volumes. Did they simply just change out the central book? I can actually see how that might be more economical at a time when you would need several books for each chanter.

Yes, the primary chant book for Mass would be the Graduale, a collection of the Mass Propers. There may have been separate books for the Kyriale (settings of the Ordinary), depending. Then there's the Antiphonale for the chants of the Office. Those editions may or may not contain the hymns for the Office. If not, they'd need a separate book called the Hymnarius.

Quote:The lecterns are also very interesting. Was it custom to use this lecterns to proclaim the epistle and the gospel?

Certainly. As you can see in one of the pictures I posted in the article (the one from the Book of Hours with the choir stalls), the eagle lectern is on the Gospel side facing north, where the deacon would stand for the Gospel. There would likewise be another lectern for the Epistle. For if the church had a jube, it would seem the Epistles and Gospels were proclaimed from either side.

Quote:The only time I have every personally seen an ornate elevated pulpit in the fashion you describe was at the Shrine of St. Alphonsus in Baltimore (in general one of the most ornate I have been too.) I do like the symbolism of it and think it would be a very cool architectural element to restore to our churches.

I had to look up a picture, but that does look like a cool pulpit.

Quote:What do you think about this pulpit at the abbey of Irsee in Bavaria?

[Image: 5.jpg]

It's hideous. The boat motif itself is cool, but the execution looks like a cake.

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