Rebuilding Christendom Conferences (Catholic Social Teaching)
I thought I would make people aware of this site:

Conference Aims


1  To unite all Catholics and other men of good will around the Church’s teaching in the temporal order regarding politics and economics.

2  To demonstrate that lay Catholics who disagree on purely theological/canonical matters can nevertheless unite productively in terms of presenting a united, Catholic front in pushing the Church’s teaching on politics and economics into the public eye, and in putting it into practice.

3  To show that the false left vs. right alternative we’ve been saddled with over the last two centuries is a charade that simply distracts focus from the doctrinal and practical solutions offered by the Church’s social teaching to contemporary problems in the political and temporal arenas.

4  To expound fearlessly on the Church’s doctrine of property ownership as an alternative to capitalism and socialism.

5  To recall to mind the obligation of the temporal political community to submit to the natural moral law regardless of the a-confessional nature of the modern state.


WHAT are the genuine principles of civilization?

What is Catholic doctrine on politics, economics, and local, national and international society?

HOW does this apply — and how can it be applied — today?


Defend the Genuine “Common Good:
Catholic Truth has political and social claims.

Replace the False Dialectic:
It’s about “right vs. wrong” not “right vs. left.”

Build a Coalition:
We differ on “What’s wrong with the Church,” but we agree on  what’s wrong with the World.”

Restore Personal Economic Liberty:
Widely diffused, privately owned, productive property is the alternative to the Servile State.

Define and Maintain Limits:
Political authority must serve man’s Last End, not merely tyrannize over him.

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